Fully Registered and Certified

We are registered in Cameroon and have achieved both national, regional (CEMAC) and international recognition through our associations with various prestigious bodies including MINMIDT, CMC, WAMC, MFC, and CCIMA.

How to Order Gold from Cameroon

Since Cameroon is a CEMAC member state, you need the CEMAC Buyer’s permit before you can buy gold from Cameroon. This process is easy if you are buying from a ministry verified company like Batouri Gold Miners.

Get a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit

Looking forward to purchasing gold from any CEMAC Member state, including Cameroon? The CEMAC Buyer’s Permit is a required document. There is no alternative for it. We can help you get the permit.

Order Gold from Cameroon Online

Thanks to the persistence of several mining companies in Cameroon, we have pushed the government to streamline the process of ordering gold from Cameroon making it easier than ever. Contact us and get started.