Gold Mining and Export

BATOURI GOLD MINERS prides herself as one of the most successful gold mining and trading companies in Africa. Our major mines are located in Bertoua, the richest gold deposit town in the Eastern Region of Cameroon.

Fully Registered and Certified

We are registered in Cameroon and have achieved both national, regional (CEMAC) and international recognition through our associations with various prestigious bodies including MINMIDT, CMC, WAMC, MFC, and CCIMA.

How to Order Gold from Cameroon

Since Cameroon is a CEMAC member state, you need the CEMAC Buyer’s permit before you can buy gold from Cameroon. This process is easy if you are buying from a ministry verified company like BATOURI GOLD MINERS.

CEMAC Buyer’s Permit

We can help you obtain a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit which will empower you to order gold from any CEMAC member state, including Cameroon. When we apply on your behalf, we help you save time and cut down cost.

Professional Assistance

We do not assume you know everything about buying gold from Africa, especially from Cameroon because the process differs from country to country. That is why we offer professional help from the very beginning.

After-sale Services

Most Gold miners and traders in Africa do business in a very local and traditional manner and generally believe the deal is automatically closed when gold and money change hands. We proceed beyond the sale.